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Checking in!!!

Posted by daniellealvarado on January 17, 2011 at 10:27 PM

:) Hi everyone! Hope all is going well for everyone out there. I wanted to update my blog and say I have been busy working with the kids, and have been talking with a lot of people whom are really concerned with the services for our older Autistic kids and for services for the kids with mental health issues. Ya know I have been saying for a couple years now that, soon we will all see a world with a large adult autistic population, and were no one seems ready, well I am concerned with young kids as well as adults!!


We seem to be losing services left and right!! Let me know your thoughts on this and if anyone has suggestions of Dr.'s or programs, give us a loud shout out!! We need it!!


I just want you all to know, things get hard but ya know in the end it will be ok, I have had some moments with my son and i have pulled through..Hang in there  and if you need something I am here, if you dont want to speak here, you can email me at [email protected] Some people seem more comfortable doing that. Either way if you have suggestions, please reach out!! Take care and know your not alone..


Talk soon, Danielle :)

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