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From 1 brother to another...Must read!!

Posted by daniellealvarado on February 2, 2011 at 9:48 PM

This Poem is written by my oldest son, Jonathan, he is 23 1/2. He has given me permission to post it. It was written about his brother Anthony! Its beautiful........



"Autistic Brother"


God has chosen, to be loving and giving

and on April 5th, 1991, he gave me an autistic sibling.


I didnt know why, I deserved an autistic brother

we grew together, he was my active other.


He runs through the house, flinging his toys

He loves TMNT, in this household of boys.


He loves flags, of red, white and blue.

He's very patriotic, that much is true.


He may not be like others, because he is unique within

But, I'm glad I have got him.


I dont know why, god chose me.

But with millions of others

we are our own family, in this life of fish in the sea.


It's like a great giving, and a sacrifice as well.

But of all, it makes me special.


And this is why, above all the rest,

I thank you god, for now....I am blessed!!

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