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My Fee's are as Follows for 2013 :

Phone Consult $250= 1 Hour's Time

After the consult if you feel you want to hire me, you can hire at any of the below:

3 months $750

6 MONTHS $1250

12 months $2000

Includes all Individual Education Plan meetings, Preparation, Monthly Consultation, Classroom Observation, Team Meetings, Parent Updates/Contact and strict Follow of cases, Residential referrals in needed/wanted and help with placement for mental health issues, Drug/Alcohol treatment Referrals, Advice on any area of special needs.

Payments can be split into two payments within 30-45 days of each other But Prior to first IEP.

* I am not a Doctor,Attorney or Therapist. I am a mother with 25 years experience with four sons with Autism and other Mental Health, and Medical issuses. I am also an Advocate who has been doing this for over 20 years, and I am real at what I do, I will be up front and honest. My goal is to make your life better with the right help and interventions. I am a mom first, and I know what it can be like and I think I can help get things rolling to make it better!! If you look on my success pages 1 & 2 there is letters of reference to my work.

Thank You! I look forward to working with you!! Danielle Alvarado


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