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Preventing Problems Before They Start!

Use the 3 C's

Communicate, Coach and Converse

Communicate with your child about school and school activites on a daily basis.

Coach your child at home, be interactive. For example have a story time or flash cards, even

if you can only give a little time out of your day.

Converse with their teachers and teacher's aids. Make a date in your schedule book (cell phone)

etc. that you always check in with your child's teacher. This is good to do before their is

a problem and also when there is no problem. Your child will see that you're on top of

their needs and want to be involved in the good parts of their life, not just when their is

something to be fixed or changed. Also your child sees a pattern: you always check in

on this certain date, this leaves less room for misbehaving.

written by Amanda Davis


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